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Riga, Brussels, Zurich – January 19, 2021: In Q4 2020, SkyeBase, a total inspection service provider & inspection platform developer, addressed the request from Fluxys Belgium, a gas infrastructure group headquartered in Belgium, to monitor several zones of their high pressure gas pipeline and decompression installations for methane leaks. The method proved to be safe, … Read moreSkyeBase, SPH Engineering and Pergam report a use case of methane measurements with a UAV in Belgium

High technology is used in Kazakhstan to fight against methane leaks. Now there are cars equipped with hypersensitive Pergam appliance in all gasified regions of Kazakhstan.Over the past two years KazTransGas employees managed to identify more than 5000 gas leaks with the help of this equipment.

Recently in Switzerland we performed the testing of our flagship remote methane detector ALMA G4 mini. Initially the model was intended to be mounted on manned light airplanes and helicopters. However at this time it was decided to find out whether ALMA G4 mini can be efficiently used mounted on a drone. The testing was … Read moreALMA G4 mini was installed on UAV

Russian companies Pergam-Engineering and CROC have developed software for monitoring pipeline leaks of natural gas (methane) with a use of unmanned aerial vehicles. Previously, Pergam used helicopters, cars and other equipment for the purpose, which was significantly more costly: for instance, using a Mi-8 helicopter was about tenfold more expensive. Using helicopter-mounted laser methane detector … Read moreGazprom to use drone-mounted natural gas leak detectors

Microdrones company, being our partner in the USA, published an impressive video of ourcommon initiative – mdTector1000 CH4. Pergam remote laser gas leak detectors make it possible to verify gas leaks from 30meters height. The data is sent to the operator’s screen viaUAV. The following information is displayed: GPS position, flight track andheight, gas concentration. … Read moreMicrodrones partnership

Most recently we are receiving requests from our European colleagues to install ALMAG4 mini laser system on a light helicopter Robinson 44. Robinson 44 has lower flight time cost compared to JetRanger. This week our colleague from the Italian office (Pergam Italia Srl) executed the first commercial gas pipeline inspection in Europe. 

16 November 2018

ALMA G4 on R44

Last week we tested ALMA G4 system on a small-size helicopter R44 in the Swiss Alps. The helicopter is less expensive to maintain therefore the gas pipeline is less expensive to trouble-shoot.